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11 Responses to Special Thanks

  1. Fiddle says:

    Hey, I’m there! Hooray for Zoidberg!

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  2. Has it been fullty translated or the project went down finally?


  3. @Fernando the project has completely been drop


  4. Avendurree says:

    @Jearvin Renz Sosa are you serious? why?


  5. @Avendurree Ren ran away from the project by erasing every post/update and turning the website into a fan page of Aokana. Even though the url still says “aokanatranslation”, its now a fan site of the game. The reasons are unknown and it will probably stay that way till he decides to man up and admit he’s past mistakes of the whole “update” situation.


  6. his creditability is pretty much gone since he ran away from the project and all the people who works on this are really upset what he did.


  7. oooookayyy… just wondering… why is he run away from the project that ALMOST done??


  8. Disappointed how all this went down. Hopefully another group picks it up one day.


  9. Cops Hanif says:

    I found out, That the 1st Chapter Translation is done. But got to many mistake. I don’t really mind that. I hope I can help something with the translation, But unfortunately even i’m not even good with words. But really, I found out there a Translation for chapter 1 only


  10. yaminomai says:

    Well… Ain’t that sucks? I was so hyped for this T_T


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