What is Aokana?

Useful Terminology

Four Islands Archipelago – The Four Islands Archipelago is comprised of four larger islands known as Fukurujima, Kunashima, Kasamajima, and Kamidoorijima. In addition, there are around 30 smaller islands crowded in the area. While there used to be many unoccupied islands in the past, the advent of anti-gravity shoes has allowed flight in the sky, effectively increasing the number of inhabitants as a result.

Kunahama Academy – Located on Kunashima and having been recently constructed, Kunahama Academy is one of the only academies found on the island. Famous for its rooftop garden, Masaya, Asuka, Misaki, and Mashiro all attend school here.

Takafuji School Fukuru Island Branch – The school where Rika attends. Situated on Fukurujima, this school excels in Flying Circus. Being massive in size, it has branches all over the country. In addition to the many facilities built for Flying Circus, there is also a large swimming pool.

World Guide

[The Four Islands Archipelago]

Made up of four larger islands known as Fukurujima, Kunashima, Kasamatsujima, Kamidoorijima. The islands altogether make up a single city.

Aokana City

[Overview: A Place Where Girls Fly]

Many decades ago, mankind discovered a particle that could nullify the gravitational pull of the earth, prompting the development of a device that could reverse gravity. This has progressed to the point where a person can fly freely through the sky by wearing shoes that defy gravity. This reverse-gravity equipment, known as anti-graviton shoes (Grav-shoes) have become prevalent on the islands, resulting in a rise of popularity. As the Grav-shoes spread on the island where the main characters live, utilities such as take-off stations and guided streetlights started appearing in order to regulate flying. “No-fly zones” were established, and flying through the skies eventually became a natural phenomenon. To this day, reverse-gravity equipment hasn’t reached the peak of its success yet, meaning the future has endless possibilities ahead of it.

Club Room

[Club Room]

Originally, the main characters used a run-down bus as their base of operations. Now however, they’ve installed everything from radios to outlets for electrical devices, creating an atmosphere that’s more suitable for passing time.

Bus Stop

[Bus Stop]

Behind the academy’s church atop a towering cliff that appears to be forgotten, there stands an unused bus stop. Next to it is an abandoned bus that the main characters use as their club room for the Flying Circus Club.

Old Town District

[Old Town District]

Because institutions such as commercial establishments and the town hall are being moved from the area to to a newer district, the old town is mainly being used for agricultural purposes, particularly the cultivation of rice.



The island where most of the main characters live. The new areas of town where commercial institutions and citizens live are separated from the old district. Although the population is increasing, it is still mostly rural. Masaya, Asuka, Misaki, and Mashiro all attend the same academy here.

Kunahama Academy

[Kunahama Academy]

Kunahama Academy rests on top of a hill, where facilities for Grav-shoes have recently been established. However, Flying Circus clubs are not the only facilities located at the schools around the islands. Some special additions have been established at the building, including a rooftop garden for students to relax.

Takafuji Fukuru Practice Ground

[Takafuji Fukuru Practice Ground]

On Fukurujima, there exists a separate school that Rika attends which has its own practice ground for Flying Circus. This is the venue used for tournaments. In the distance, one can see the island where the other main characters live, Kunashima.


[Take-Off Stations]

On the island’s public roads, there are stops where people can “take-off” with a pair of Grav-shoes. After going through a specifically designed safety door, users charge their electrical equipment with a recharge station. In this way, there are designated places on each of the islands where people have to begin flying (similar to scheduled bus routes).

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